Grade 5 Billy Carts Made by the Students Themselves!

Grade 5 Billy Carts Made by the Students Themselves!

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Family Photos

The Radio Circuit

Here is the photo of the radio circuit for your Googlepages website. Click on the picture to download. Add labels and put this in your Googlepages website.

Circuit Building

Here is the video of the light circuit. You can include this one in your Googlepages website. I'll will teach you how to do that next week.

Our Googlepages

Hi Grade Five,
Here are the links to your Googlepages;
Michelle P
Michelle T

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Radio Inquiry

Hi Grade 5, Here are the groups for the radio inquiry:

Resistor; Beni and Liza

Rotary Capacitor; Hansen and Jessyln

Speaker; Amanda and Andrew

Antenna Coil; MP and Alizka

Varco (AM and FM); Kevin and Marchell

Battery and the Holder; Suah and Desiree

otentiometer; Ristia and Raymond

Variable Capacitor; MT and Mandy

Amplifying IC; Brodie and Jinju

Transistor; Shila and Jennifer

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia Clip

Machines Inquiry

Grade 5,
Please bring to school on this Thursday 29th, an old broken machine from home. A wind up clock or something that has parts inside. You will also need some screw drivers. We will have a lesson taking apart the machine to try to locate the simple machines inside it. Please bring something that is broken as we will be taking it apart completely.

Bridge To Terrabithia Homework due Friday 30th

Hi Grade 5,

Can you answer these questions on your own blog. You need to make a book cover using Word and Print Screen/Paint to be saved as jpeg. This image must be posted on your blog with the answers

Chapters 1-5

1. Why is Jess wearing neither a shirt nor shoes?

2. Why has he gotten up early every morning in the summer?

3. Who is Miss Bessie?

4. What news does May Belle share with Jess in the bean patch?

5. Why does Jess like May Belle?

6. What does Jess keep under the mattress?

7. What was Jess’ first reaction when he met Leslie Burke?

8. How is Leslie different to the other students?

9. What did the boys organize outside once they had been dismissed after eating their lunch?

10. Why does Jess sit beside May Bell on the bus?

11. Why wasn’t running fun anymore?

12. Why was Leslie unable to do the project on Jacques Cousteau?

13. Have you ever had a secret place where you went with your friends? Describe it?

14. Who was the ‘real’ giant in their lives?

15. What plan of action do they decide on to pay back Janice Avery?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Billycarting Movie

Inquiry a Little Further!

Hi Grade 5,
Well I just found out that our Go Kart is not called Go Kart in Australia. It is called Billy cart. Here is a great article about a Billy cart Derby from an Australian newspaper:

When push comes to shove, school can be flat-out fun

August 10, 2007

THE smell of burning rubber may have been missing, but there was still a sense of fierce competition in the air when 900 children converged on Eastern Creek Raceway for a billycart showdown yesterday.

The event was organised by the NSW Department of Education and Training and the NRMA to teach children about practical design, forces and momentum, teamwork, and basic road safety.

Maxwell Warren, a year 5 student from Kangaroo Valley Public School, was breathless and excited after his team, the 3D Racers, won their heat in the endurance stage.

"While running up that hill I didn't want to look behind me," he said. "There was real pressure. But we were quick with the [rider] changeovers and seatbelts. Our spirit and our teamwork helped us win."

The children designed and built their billy carts in school classes, many starting work more than four months ago.

They were required to follow strict specifications, and teams were encouraged to use recycled materials. As a result, many carts featured wheels salvaged from golf carts, handles from shopping trolleys, and seats made from classroom chairs.

Declan Moore, Maxwell's teammate and a year 6 student, spoke proudly of his team's design.

"Our cart had wheels with ball-bearings which other teams did not have," he said.

"It's built lower to the ground so it's more aerodynamic, and it's a lot easier to push and build momentum. We also used the biggest wheels possible so that [the cart] goes further with each rotation."

Lyndall Foster, of the Department of Education and Training, said: "It's a great day and gives students the feeling that what they are doing in the classroom has meaning in the real world."

The radio announcer Adam Spencer provided lively race commentary throughout the day.

"The kids love it. It's cutting-edge technology, good old-fashioned competition, and there's the joy of watching the sugar wear off at around 2.30pm."

One of the most gracious teams was The Lightning Cart, from Heritage Christian School in Kempsey, who won their heat in the sprint event.

"It went really well," said Amber Wilson-Latimore.

"But the other teams deserve a mention because they put a lot of effort into it, and even though they didn't win they are still to be congratulated."

Here are some other links:

Billycart 1

Billycart 2

Billycart 3

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

An Small Inquiry

Pasar Merdeka has lots of parts for motorbikes.

Hi Grade 5,
Last Saturday I tried to find out more about where to buy the parts needed to make a Go Kart. I went to Bogor and found this market called Pasar Merdeka. It is near to Pasar Anyar and Topi Taman. Here is a shop that sold bearings. I bought 4 wheel bearings at Rp12.500 each.

Here are 2 wheel bearings.

Here is the shop where I bought them.

Then I took the bearings to a carpenter in Babakan Madang to ask his help to make a simple Go Kart. Here is a picture of the shop in Babakan Madang.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Building a Wooden Go Kart 2

Hi Grade 5,
I have been doing a little more research and have found this site

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Our new UOI site

Hi Grade 5,
I have just started making a website using Googlepages for this new UOI. Click here to go there - Making Work Easy
Do you remember that great site with the virtual doctor? Well in our new website on the page 'Simple Machines' you will find a link to a great online flash game all about simple machines. I will add the other pages as we work through this UOI.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Circuit Boards

Today in Grade 5 we had a great hands-on day of learning about circuits. Here are some of the things that we learned about:
Click here to play an interactive flash circuit board CIRCUIT
Mrs. Jane took some photos and these have been added to our class website.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007

Balige Village

Hi Grade 5,

It's great to 'see' all of you again online. I have been very busy this week trying to catch up with my Masters study. The teachers have to go to school this Saturday as well so I haven't had much time for blogging.
Here are some photos of me from last week at Balige village near Danau Toba. As the wife of the eldest son I had to lead the procession to the family grave. I have a basket on my head that has a plant to be planted into the grave. You can see a photo of all of us standing behind my father-in-law's grave.