Grade 5 Billy Carts Made by the Students Themselves!

Grade 5 Billy Carts Made by the Students Themselves!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

ANPS Seminar

Thank you to all the participants who joined my workshops at the recent seminar for National Plus schools at Sekolah Tiara Bangsa. Here is my presentation as promised. I converted the Keynote into JPEG images and then uploaded them to VoiceThread. Please leave a comment on any slide you wish. This will give you a chance to tr out this amazing webtool and at least do a tiny part of what I would have done had the Internet connections been working. Grade 5 students are invited to comment too.

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Jane Ross said...

Hi Marilyn,
This is a VoiceThread from a recent presentation that I gave about Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants to coordinators from National Plus schools in Indonesia. I am able to blog with my students as I use an AUP and I block the Nav Bar. I also check my students blogs on a regular basis. I believe that students need a real online experience to learn how to use the Internet appropriately.